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~~CCG strives to deliver high quality games at low prices, and do all it can to help other developers CresCo Games was founded in 2009 after its two employees realized they had been doing all the development work necessary on their own for years. CresCoJeff realized also that the vast stores of development resources he had amassed over the years could help other game developers get started, and thus this site was born.~~

CresCoJeff is our resident Gridman [the name of the red pac-man hero in a conceptualized CCG TBS game coming down the road]-- he is a turn-based strategy/boardgame enthusiast, and his favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy Tactics (classic, not the PSP remake).  He enjoys creating small computer games in various programming languages and tackling somewhat larger projects with the help of toolkits like Shiva 3D, Cocos2D-X, and Cross Platform GameKit.  His favorite programming languages are C++ for its power, Python for its rapid application development features, and Java as a nice compromise of power and simplicity. If he could only choose one, it'd be C++, of course!  When he isn't programming he is often dreaming up card or board game ideas and sketching them out on the notepad he carries everywhere.  He hopes to someday make one or more of these games a physical reality outside his own home with the help of the production site .  Check out the CresCo Games Facebook fan site and CresCo Games Facebook business Page for some more links, networking, announcements, and general good times!  Also, you can now follow us on Twitter: @PoliteCuriosity.  Game on, brothers and sisters... 

CresCoJeff's partner-in-crime is CresCoJoe, a video game enthusiast with a particular taste for 2D platformers, RPGs and anything with RPG elements.  Armed with only his wits, his cunning and an undergraduate computer science degree, CresCoJoe hopes to make his video game visions a reality.  He wants to bring video gaming back to the good old days, back when gameplay meant more than graphics and games took actual skill and intelligence to beat.  CresCoJoe's programming expertise extends mostly to Java and C++, with some knowledge of C# and C.  Currently he is working on an as-of-yet unnamed Java project which can be played online with other players... look forward to it!

Snort the Extremely Fat Unicorn is our beloved mascot.  Birthed from the boredom of CresCoJeff's high school chemistry class, he has starred in approximately 3.5 games for the TI-83 graphing calculator (two that were complete and two that were, at best, "unpolished").  Eventually CCJ got tired of programming with his thumbs and decided to bring the foul-tempered, over-proud, ill-fated, yet still lovable beast to the Nintendo DS.  That plan fizzled a bit when the great wise graduate school administrators decided it makes more sense to teach incoming computer science majors Java before C and CCJ was forced to engross himself therein so as to pass his classes.  Luckily, he discovered a nifty little Java game/simulation optimized IDE called Greenfoot which should serve the purpose of creating a new, better-than-ever Unicorn game perfectly.  GreenUnicorn is well underway and will be coming soon to shareware!  Also, with the arrival of his new 17'' MacBook Pro Stampy, CCJ will soon be working on some iphone/ipod touch apps, and Snort will likely make his way into them quickly...stay tuned!   



 Basking Ridge, NJ