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The Battle Over Mars!

v1.1... fixed the "unknown variable 'onpath'" bug when freezing newly demonized rainbow serpents.  The large shot also actually does the promised 5 damage against the boss, but don't think this will make things easy!  Remember, enemy fire deflected by the dragon's fire stream and the ship's large shot will still hurt you.     

Coming soon...

Coming soon...


Resource Links:

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The Shyguy Kingdom

This link leads to the links page of the massive Shyguy Kingdom sprite database.  It and the sprite sites it links to mostly carry spritesheets from classic popular console games and thus probably can't be used in commercial programs without alteration, but it's a great place to start!

Game Maker Community composer Nijg topic

On the first post in the thread Nijg has released a huge archive of his past work which can be freely put to any use.  Just read his terms of service etc.  This is probably the best music resource I've found so far!

First up, a neat ActionScript class I programmed called TypeWriter; it makes the text appear on screen gradually, character by character, and is great for games with lots of dialogue.  It's pretty simple right now (I'll be adding more soon most likely), but the core functionality is there and I'll be using it in my visual text adventure game Surreality! 

3D model to 2D sprite converter

This is a really neat utility that neatly transforms 3D models into 2D sprites-- very, very handy for using the same resources in different environments that may have certain graphics support limitations. 

The People's Sprites

 Same as above with the copyrighted sprites, but has some more obscure sprites to choose from.  A good complement to the Shyguy Kingdom.



This is my open source SIC assembler (written in Java). It's a littler rough around the edges, but it implements some cool strategies that could help other devs working on Assembler projects or who are just interested in system software.

The Game Creators

 These guys have everything-- The awesome Dark Basic Pro programming language, the Dark GDK, Dark GDK.NET, and PURE GDK framework plugins, Lua support through the Unity plugin, ready-made 3D and 2D graphics, and much much more!

The Spriter's Resource

Very versatile sprite database, with game coverage spanning quite a few consoles.


Install Flash Player 11 on Red Hat based Linux 


3dsom - Create 3d models from photos!

Computer vision technology never fails to fascinate me; with 3dsom you can turn a series of digital images into impressive 3d models. The software includes a powerful editor for configuring and texturing the model, and it can export into various 3d formats including Flash 3d.  Any object you can photograph with a digital camera you can now make into a great 3d model with ease!

TONS of sprites from a good number of classic games, including hard to find titles like FF Tactics.




Remastered, open-source Tyrian graphics!

Anybody remember the old DOS Shmup gem Tyrian?  It was way ahead of its time, and it remains an awesome game to this day if you can manage to get your hands on it.  Anyway, the creator of Tyrian has very generously made available almost all the graphics from the game for people to use for any purpose.  Shmup devs rejoice!  Obviously this collection is going to get a work out in Phoenix Steel...CCG fans might notice that the ship and brain-monster from TBoM are sprites from Tyrian also.




Majin Tensei

Neat Japanese language site with pretty much all of the demon sprites from the never-brought-Stateside SMT title Majin Tensei.





Preview of Surreality:



Preview of FlashForce: